Professional SOHO networks are increasingly used in the home office and in small businesses

Especially in times when a large number of people work in the home office and depend on fast and secure network performance, suitable SOHO solutions are sought.

With all forms of home network design (Residential Network Solution) and office sizes (Small Office Solution), a central network node handles the entire connection and ensures secure communication between the devices and the Internet.

Professional networks in private homes and small businesses

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The right supplement for shared offices and small and medium-sized companies

To enable you to comfortably integrate several workstations into the network - without losing an overview of your IT infrastructure - we have developed the DIGITUS® 10 inch network cabinet. With the matching 10" Gigabit Ethernet switches, you get the ideal solution for the small network area with a fast data transfer speed of up to 2000 Mbit and bandwidth control at each port. These were developed with 8 (DN-80114) or 16 ports (DN-80115) to meet the most diverse requirements. A UPS system provides reliable protection against data loss and voltage damage in the office or home office. DIGITUS® has four systems in its portfolio to bridge short-term power failures and provide time for the safe shutdown of your own server or PC.
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DIGITUS 10 inch 8-port Gigabit Ethernet PoE switch
Ideal for small to medium-sized networks are our LAN switches for 10" network cabinets. The DIGITUS® 8 port (DN-80114) or 16 port (DN-80115) 10 inch Gigabit switches have RJ45 sockets with auto-negotiation. The 10-inch 8-port Gigabit Ethernet PoE switch (DN-95317) can also be installed in a 10" network cabinet and connect the workstations with up to 1000 Mbit.

If no network cabinet is used, workstations can also be connected to desktop switches. The DIGITUS® Gigabit Desktop Switche have 4 (DN-95330-1) or 8 ports. These switches are a simple, fast and cost-effective way to connect small network groups. 

DIGITUS 1200 Mbps Wireless Dual-Band Repeater 2.4 / 5.8 GHz

The meshing of several access points in the same WLAN network has several advantages. If, for example, a mobile device moves towards a stronger WLAN signal, manual registration at the new access point is no longer necessary and the device is automatically supplied with the stronger WLAN signal. For optimum reception quality in larger rooms or across different rooms, we recommend adding further repeaters (DN 7071) to the base unit (DN 7072). In this case, one repeater should be used at a distance of approximately 10 meters.


Gigabit Ethernet Adapter
If there is no WLAN or if a larger amount of data is to be sent via a network cable, Ethernet adapters are used. With the Gigabit Ethernet 3.0 adapter (DN-3023), which reaches speeds of 1000 Mbit/s, all devices that do not have an RJ45 interface (such as ultrabooks, netbooks, notebooks, etc.) can be connected to the network in no time at all.

Components in the compact 10 inch format are the basis for functional and flexible solutions in the field of SOHO network technology. Due to the increasing demand for smart home and broadband Internet applications, more and more networked components are finding their way into modern buildings. They should be installed and networked as centrally as possible in the house, office or apartment. The 10-inch technology can implement professional network solutions even where space is very limited. DIGITUS® offers coordinated components that meet all requirements of modern network technology.
10 inch at home
10 inch in the office
Ethernet switch
If many network end devices such as servers, PCs, displays, printers, routers, NAS systems or even smart TVs and game consoles are operated in your network, these devices must be connected to each other via an Ethernet switch. Ethernet switches differ basically in the number of ports and the maximum data throughput. A distinction is made here between Fast Ethernet with 100 Mbit/s and Gigabit Ethernet with 1,000 Mbit/s (1 Gbit/s). If you want to operate devices in your network that cannot be supplied with power at the place of use or only with a poor power supply (e.g. access points or IP cameras ...),
it is recommended to use a switch with PoE (Power over Ethernet) support. This particular type of switch supplies PoE-compatible network devices with the required operating current. An additional connection of the terminal device to the power supply network is not necessary with PoE technology. 

10 inch wall mounting in the office
Accessories for network cabinets
In order to ensure the optimal functionality of your network, in addition to the active and passive network components, useful accessories for your 10 inch housing are also available. 

DIGITUS® offers a variety of useful helpers.